NanoLab is intended for use in the classroom to organize frontal work, activate feedback, involving students in active practical activities in the classroom.
The NanoLab is designed for demonstration experiments, laboratory and research work. Atoms behave the same way they do in real world.
NanoLab can be used to train professional staff in the system of vocational education, as well as in the conditions of physics and chemistry classrooms in regular and specialized schools.
NanoLab is a molecular simulation software. It uses VR interface together with hand-based control system to provide a natural interface to a realistic simulation of atoms and molecules, including chemical reactions.
Most people don't understand chemistry, molecular structure and atoms. NanoLab improves learning and does it in almost effortless way. Atoms act the same way they do it reality, and users get instant feedback if they're doing it right or wrong. It can be used by kids (to learn the basics) or by professionals to visualize nanoworld and develop new molecules.
For immersive augmented reality, we use Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality glasses and the Leap Motion sensor
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The program complex NanoLab provides practical skills to form a clear and functional system of knowledge about chemistry. For teachers, it'll help engage kids in the classroom and prepare them for success in Olympiads, and for school and college students, it'll help them figure out how to move from simple equations to exciting experiments.There are special conditions for each user to make both simple compounds and nanorobots to participate in competitions or for medical purposes.

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